Rehydration Tubs Pineapple (Pack of 6)

BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS: Our Rehydration Tablets are caffeine-free, soy-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. Manufactured at a US FDA registered and WHO GMP approved facility. A single tube contains 12 effervescent tablets with a 24-month shelf life.


SPECIALLY FORMULATED: Our Rehydration tablets are specially formulated with all vital electrolytes to provide instant rehydration and prevent muscle cramps. 

ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: The tablets possess all the properties of a proper energy drink. They are loaded with ions like 1.Sodium and Chloride, which help maintain proper fluid balance, 2. Potassium, which maintains a healthy heart and nerve function, and 3. Calcium, a necessity for stronger bones.

INSTANT ENERGY BOOSTER: Rehydration capsules are instant energy drink tablets for men and women. They help reduce fatigue and relieve muscle exhaustion.


SPORTS DRINK: Proathlix Rehydration Tablets are manufactured to give you the best quality sports drink with the promise of not just hydration but the complete restoration of electrolytes in your body.

Rehydration Tubs Pineapple (Pack of 6)

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Rehydration Tubs Pineapple (Pack of 6) Pineapple Veg Pack of 6 tubes(12 tablets Each Tube) Capsules

Vegetarian product.
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