BCAA Watermelon


BEST PERFORMANCE RATIO - Proathlix BCAA instant energy contains 7gms of BCAA in the best-suggested ratio 2:1:1 of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine which helps to boost muscle growth, metabolism and recovery during a workout.

L- GLUTAMINE – Glutamine minimizes the breakdown of muscles, improves protein metabolism, cell volumizing and boosts the immune system.

LEUCINE – Leucine stimulates skeletal muscle growth and has a huge impact on protein synthesis.

VITAMIN B6 – Plays an important role in the generation of glucose during heavy exercise. It also helps in performing several body functions, optimizes the immune system, boosts haemoglobin production which increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and hence builds a better recovery medium post-workout.

VITAL ELECTROLYTES - Contains all the vital electrolytes like Sodium and Potassium which are required for building endurance & energy during heavy workouts.


BCAA Watermelon

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BCAA Watermelon Watermelon Veg 250 gms

Vegetarian product.
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