How do I track Domestic Packages?

When you place an order, the details are sent to our warehouses for shipment. As soon as the shipping label has been generated, you will receive an email with the tracking details. Tracking details can take up to 24 hours to update. You can also view the tracking details of the order at the Order History section of your My Account page. If your order's tracking does not update after 24 hours, please contact us for further assistance. Also, keep in mind that while our warehouses are open seven days a week, our couriers only pick-up packages between Monday – Friday. If your package's tracking shows any errors, please contact us as soon as possible so we can get them taken care of for you. Please see the Domestic Shipping section for more detailed information about shipping domestically.

How do I track International Packages?

When you place an order, the details are sent to our warehouses for shipment. As soon as the shipping label has been generated, you will receive an email with the tracking details. You can also view the tracking details of the order at the Order Status section of our site. Please note that it may take between 5-7 business days (Monday – Friday) for any initial tracking updates to appear. This is because your order must pass through a major shipping hub before the online tracking system is updated. Nearly every international package we ship will pass through a major international sorting hub, before being forwarded to the destination country.

What are the Expected Timeframes for International Packages?

Generally packages arrive in a very quick timeframe. In our experience, most packages reach customs within about 6-10 business days. Once your package has reached your government's customs agency, it must undergo clearance inspections. We do our best to speed-up this process by providing all of the required paperwork, but we are not able to determine exactly how long this will take for your order. Most of the time, packages are cleared within 5-7 business days and then handed-off to a local courier to complete delivery to you. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed this process. Feel free to contact us if you feel your package is taking a unusually long time to reach you. Please see the International Shipping section for more detailed information about shipping internationally.

What happens if I am not able to take a Delivery?

Indus will make a maximum of three attempts to deliver your order. In case the customer is not reachable or does not accept delivery of products in these attempts Indus reserves the right to cancel the order(s) at its discretion. An estimated delivery time is displayed on the Order Summary page. On placing your order, you will receive an email containing a summary of the order and also the estimated delivery time to your location.
Sometimes, delivery may take longer due to :

  • Bad weather
  • Flight delays
  • Political disruptions
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

In such cases, we will proactively reach out to you. Please check your emails and SMS regularly for such updates. Also, we will not be able to compensate for any mental agony caused due to delay in delivery. The customer can cancel the order at any moment of time even if the delivery time exceeds the expected delivery time. If it is a prepaid order, the customer will be refunded back in the account as soon as the order is successfully cancelled. “The Buyer agrees that the title to the goods is transferred to the buyer at the time of placing the Order and dispatch confirmation thereof irrespective of Shipping of Goods and POD which are to be done in due course being separate chargeable facilities

Do you have a Return Policy?

Indus gives you the option to replace or return the products bought on Indus.fit within 7 days of the receipt of the order. We will either replace the product, exchange, or issue a credit note if the product requested is out of stock.

Under what circumstances Returns & Exchanges are not possible?

There are certain scenarios where it is difficult for us to support Returns & Exchanges

  • Opened or used boxes will not be accepted as returns.
  • For issues like allergic reactions, gastric issues, headache, flavor like/dislike, flavor difference from one brand to other etc., products will not be applicable for return. Please consult a doctor before buying any of our products.
  • Return request is made outside the specified time frame.
  • Product is damaged because of use or product is not in the same condition as you received it.
  • Products with tampered or missing serial numbers.
  • Items that are returned without original packaging, freebies or accessories.
  • Improper storage of product. (As instructed on the product label)


What conditions do I have to fulfil for Returns and Exchange?

Indus will accept Return or Exchange only if the following conditions are met :
  • Return/Exchange should be initiated within 7 days of order delivery. Please take note that this is applicable to all products purchased on or after 1st January, 2020.
  • The tags on the product should be intact.
  • The product should be unwashed, unused and in an undamaged condition.
  • The item needs to be returned along with the original packaging.

Do you have a Reverse Pickup Process?

Indus will not be liable for the products returned by mistake. In the scenario where a product is supplied by a 3rd party seller and is returned by mistake, Indus is not accountable for misplacement of the product and is not responsible for its delivery back to the customer.

Can I Exchange Products bought on Special Offers?

In case of exchange request placed by the customer, the exchange will be done on special price of the item(s) not on MRP. In case of products bought under special promotions the exchange will be done only at the current prices for the same products or by paying the difference on alternate products. In no way will we be bound to supply you replacement products that might have increased prices in exchange for reduced offer deals.

What do I do if the product I’ve received is not as described?

If the product after opening is not as described, we request you to call 9811038270 immediately for assistance. You will be requested to share images/Lot no/product details etc. If the product received is not up to Indus’s standards, you will receive a replacement, exchange or refund for the same.

I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pick-up?

You can contact us on 9811038270 for further assistance.

Unauthorized charges on Customer Card?

If Customers find charges on debit/credit cards for purchase made on Indus but have never created an account or signed up are requested to check with family members, friends and business associates / colleagues authorized to make purchase on their behalf. If customers are still unable to recognize the charge, they should report the unauthorized purchase within 60 days of the transaction so that Indus can begin an investigation.

How do I make a claim if there is Pilferage on my order?

When a Customer raises a complaint for partial item or partial order or a damaged package through Customer care :

  • The Customer is supposed to claim pilferage within 48 hours of delivery, failing which the claim will not be entertained.
  • E-mail will be sent seeking-providing multiple information/details like :
    • Short description of case or situation
    • Snapshot of package and other box
    • Refund for prepaid orders will be done after investigation which usually requires 3-4 business days. The process includes investigation with concerned department
  • The customer may not be liable for a refund if the below is not followed :
    • Customer fails to provide satisfactory scenarios about the case
    • Customer fails to provide snapshots
    • If open delivery is received, claims must be made on the same day
    • Customers must not dispose packaging for 3-4 days after delivery as Indus might need to pick-up the packaging for investigation at their end

What Should I Do To Protect My Information?

We take our obligation to safeguard your personal data very seriously and are alerting you about this issue so you can take steps to help protect your information. We recommend you:

  • Change your password for any other account on which you used the same or similar information used for your Indus account.
  • Review your accounts for suspicious activity.
  • Be cautious of any unsolicited communications that ask for your personal data or refer you to a web page asking for personal data.
  • Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails.

How Do I Change My Password?

You can change your password via the following methods:


  • If you are currently logged in, you can change the password for your account on the Change Password Page in (https://www.indus.fit/profile/change-password).
  • If you’ve forgotten or misplaced your password, please go to the Reset Password Page and follow the prompts (https://www.indus.fit/profile/forgot-password).

These instructions can always be found on our “Account Inquiries” Help Page in our Help Center at www.indus.fit/help

How Can I Gift Someone Shopping Card?

Indus Gift Card Indus Gift Card is an e-Gift Card which comes with a coupon code, mailed on the receiver’s email id which can be redeemed across www.indus.fit

  • Indus Gift Card It can be purchased from www.indus.fit only
  • Indus Gift Card will be emailed in the form of E -Coupon Code. The Gift Card will have an exclusive code which is to be used during purchase/redemption. The value of the Gift Card will be displayed in the receivers email
  • You can buy 1 Gift Card in an order, you must place a new order for every Gift Card
  • You can either add a Gift Card or a Product in your cart at a time
  • You can’t club multiple Gift Cards towards a purchase
  • Gift card is valid till 180 days from the date of purchase
  • Cards are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-transferable
  • It’s a one time/ Single redemption, the balance will not be credited. We suggest you to consume the entire gift card amount
  • It’s a one time/ Single redemption, the balance will not be credited. We suggest you to consume the entire gift card amount