Tabata Hiit Workouts To Torch Excess Body Fat

Tabata Hiit Workouts To Torch Excess Body Fat

Fitness enthusiasts constantly are on the lookout for new and more effective workout methods that can not only help them achieve their fitness objectives but also take their endurance and strength to the next level. It will be very appropriate to say that high intensity interval training finds a strong fit in these workouts and within that Tabata Training is something which enjoys a lot of respect.

So What is Tabata Training?

Tabata training was developed by a team of researchers led by Dr Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Sports & Fitness in Tokyo, Japan.

What started as a research experiment that tested two groups of which one worked on moderate intensity and one on high intensity for a period of 6 weeks discovered that the group that had included high intensity Tabata protocol had not only increased their overall aerobic capacity significantly but also improved their anaerobic capacity by 28% over the period.

So what Does the Tabata Program Entail?

The working methodology of a Tabata Program is very simple yet very brutally taxing. In entails 4 minute timed sets for each exercise where you work out hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat the same for 8 rounds. These simple four minutes if performed well to your highest intensity could well turn out to be your longest 4 minutes.

Tabata can be applied to any exercise that you might be using but traditionally it works with Burpees, Push Ups, Lunges, Kettlebell swings, Dumbbell Squat or any other squat variation, Sprints, Rowing which are called the Classical Tabata exercises. However the newer variations are being applied to exercises like Broad jump to fast feet, Jump Squat, Lateral lunge to knee drive, Lunge chop, Mountain Climber, Mountain climber to single leg squat, Squat thrust to frog jump, Skater to curtsy lunge, Russian twist, Plank with row etc

You can pick up any of the above exercises or innovate according to your body type, workout style but the trick remains to remember the 100pc intensity, well timed intervals as the short rest intervals will force your body to keep moving before it actually recovers from the previous set — and that’s part of the reason Tabata leads to significant aerobic and anaerobic gains. The method also categorically states that you will not reap the best results if you do not push your body all out. Needless to say the intense workouts under Tabata protocol will also give you an added benefit in the shape of afterburn effect.

A Sample Tabata Workout:

  1. Squats – bodyweight or with weighted (4 minutes) 
  2. Body Weight Pushups – with or without variations (4 minutes)
  3. Burpees with or without jump squats (4 minutes)
  4. Mountain Climbers (4 minutes)