The Must Have Foods For a Flat Belly

The Must Have Foods For a Flat Belly

Nutritionists have always suggested balanced diets as the sure long term strategy for reducing and maintain your ideal body weight. A constant focus on macros in day to day diets is a much better option than starving your body of vital macros over short periods. Try blending these items into your everyday plans for a flat belly that you have always desired. 


  • Eggs: Easy to get, easy to cook and easy to digest makes eggs one of the favourite protein sources with fitness conscious people. With 7 grams of protein and a micro nutrient enriched yolk you can trust them as a staple any day. Depending on your goals you can include as many to as little in your diets on a daily basis.
  • Fermented dairy: Regular dairy while bringing in the benfits of a complete food also brings along packed sugars and lactose which many are resitant to. So the preffered and recommended option is to go in for fermented dairy products like yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, as they contain high quantity of probiotics which are important for gut health. A healthy gut is the cornerstone of a healthy body and less bely fat. In addition to that one cup of Greek yogurt provides 20 grams of protein which helps with your lean muscle gain objectives.
  • Lean Protein: On your transformation journey ensure all your protein sources are lean, prefer chicken breasts over other cuts, try and minimise red meat or fatty cuts. Even turkey is a good source of lean protein. Beans and lentils are a good source of not only protein but also provide the much needed fiber. Try and use chickpeas, Bengal gram, white beans, black beans into your daily intake. Research shows that people who regularly eat chickpeas are 53% less likely to be obese as a 1/2 cup serving of chickpeas has about 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber.
  • Nuts & Seeds: Nuts are an excellent source of friendly fats and EFA’s that help fight bad cholesterol. A handful of mixed nuts comprising almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, macademia, chia, flax, sunflower etc make up for a good amount of the daily requirement. However according to recent research peanuts are also getting popular for their benefits associated with managing blood sugars which is very important in keeping us trim. A half-cup serving of peanuts provides about 18 grams of protein.
  • Fatty Fish: whilst we look for lean cuts on poultry and meat on fish the fattier is better as they contain the much needed Omega’s which are possibly one of the best anti-oxidants and also help reduce inflammation in the body. Needless to say the protein content of fish is very helpful in adding lean muscle

Water: Water is the biggest elixir and detox for the body. Aim to increase your intake to about 4 litres per day to make sure your kidneys and liver take care of the detox process while keeping your muscles hydrated soft and flexible.

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