10 Must Follow Fitness Rules

10 Must Follow Fitness Rules

One of the key essentials of a fitness journey is staying committed, focused and patient. Similiarly the key things to avoid are changing your plans too frequently, losing patience and listening to every bit of advice but not aligning it with your objectives and strengths. So here is our take on the 10 rules you must follow irrespective of your fitness level, age, objectives or needs.


  1. Do not starve yourself! A balanced diet is the foundation of healthy body – focus on the word balanced, have a healthy breakfast as a good start to the day primes your body for the onslaught. Eat 5 – 6 small meals spread evenly during the day. Prepare meals in advance preferably with ingredients available locally in the geography.


  1. Stop looking at the scale! Your body weight is just a number and is not a determinant of good or bad health and the impression that you create upon others. So your goal should be wholistic fitness where you can enjoy day to day life without feeling tired and exhausted. So while body weight can be an indicator it cant be the sole determinant of fitness, a person weight 90 kgs purely from lean mass will always be fitter than someone at 70kgs with high fat content.


  1. Exercising to get fit: It is not mandatory that everyone who wants to get fit has to be pumping iron in the gym or running miles on the road. You could get fit doing something that not only interests you but also keeps you happy and motivated over a longer period of time. This could include sports like swimming, cycling, running, trekking or activities like Zumba, tai chai etc. The idea is to do something which will not make you feel bored you in a few days.


  1. Take a rest day: Rest is an important part of any physical activity regimen and the trick is to listen to your body. You could have a scheduled rest as in a particular day in a week or a few days in a month or you could listen carefully to your body and take rest whenever your body shows signs of exhaustion. This will not only help you prevent injuries but will also keep your engaged for a longer period.


  1. Start with a plan: There is an old saying “No one plans to fail but people fail to Plan” so what that means is, its very important to have a plan which is the breakup of your ultimate objective broken into smaller executable steps. So if you hit your gym everyday with clarity in your mind as to what you want to achieve on that particular day you will see better results and a regular step forward in your desired direction. 


  1. Listen to your body: What worked for you 5 years ago might not work easily today and what works for you might not work for the next person so its very important to listen to your body as to what activity is most effective for your body, any past injuries or health conditions which do not allow you to do a particular exercise or activity should be ignored for the moment and maybe once you have regained your lost stamina and strength you can come back to it. That way the chances of you getting demotivated will be the lowest.


  1. Drink water!: Water is the true elixir and in addition to many bodily functions keeps you hydrated, your muscles soft and supple, flushes toxins from your body, and is the conductor for all electrical and neuro motor impulses in your body. So drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day.


  1. Get enough sleep!: Sleep time is when your body produces growth hormone to repair and rejuvenate your cells. Lack of sleep starts increasing the production of stress hormone Cortisol which starts a viscious circle of slowed metabolism, higher fat conversion rate and a drop in lean muscle so the key is sleep properly for 7-8 hours every day.


  1. Love Yourself!: The physical transformation whether its weight loss or muscle building starts in the head and is deeply linked to your overall happiness with yourself. If you are not happy inside or have too many body image issues you will never be able to give any fitness regimen your complete focus so its important that you stay happy and motivated while pursuing your goals as the benefits will be directly linked.


  1. Take small steps while making the changes:  Like they say Rome was not built in a a day! Making changes to your body, routine, fitness, stamina, take time so be patient, focused and perseverant for the magical results that you expect.


Creating a healthy lifestyle does not have to mean drastic changes. These small changes will lead you to great benefits and, therefore, take these 10 commandments to your heart and start to live a healthy life from now on!

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